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Marcus Spaller
about my 'other' half

Full Name: Isaac 'Anthasul' Thuoru or Isaac, 'the crestborn'
Age: 134 (physical appearance aprox. 20)
Gender: Male
Species: born as human, shares body with a dragon and demon soul
Height: 1.95m
Special abilities and powers:
controls fire and darkness (combined to the unholy fire),
healing physical wounds,
speaking draconian voice
Likes: Any real challenge on the battlefield and endless power
Dislikes: annoying people, gods, light and being called a sellsword

Being born as a human with a curse that causes death, saved by a pakt with a fallen demon, I now am damned by another curse which is called eternal life.
I live together with my dragon Ratho, a wyvern I made a pakt with in order to save his life but in return he now shares my curse of not being able to die.
Living as a mercenary I seek the day I finally find my death on the battlefield to end this cursed life I cannot end myself and no one else seems to be able to end.

about my 'human' half

I´m from germany and I am more a poet than a real artist but I´m also writing fantasy stories.
I like to talk to people from everywhere and I want to improve my skills in english.Besides I try to learn finish but up to now I have only a few contacts there.
Anyone who wants to have a friend in germany and/or can speak either english, spanish or finish can feel free to add me at MSN/ICQ or just e-mail me

Current Residence: In a dragon cave with my "little" Ratho
Favourite genre of music: metal/rock (no deathcore metal) most progressiv/symphonic metal and also Dark/Gothic metal
Favourite photographer: Cristian-M and Gendrome (I guess photomanipulations count to xD - (check him out)
Favourite style of art: Cellshading, any art by Rushelle XD
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: my PSP ^,=,^
Wallpaper of choice: something with dragons - or where my dragons fit on^^
Personal Quote: Fantasy ist wichtiger als Wissen, denn Wissen ist begrenzt (Albert Einstein). Better safe than sorry
  • Mood: Longing
  • Listening to: SOAD alot^^
  • Playing: Assasins Creed II /Phantasy Star Portable
wow, my last journal was actually quite a long time ago :) buuut after getting around writting a new one I finally cant hold it back anymore :)
For several reasons
1st: I alrady had something on my mind I wanted to get done but just didn´t do so far
2nd: to help a close friend of mine
and 3rd: just for the usual updates ^^

well, lets start with #2 :) since this appears to be the most relevant reason for now.

Some of you might have seen a few of his works in my favorites or features, or maybe you even checked out his page because of the stamp I made him :iconch3ck0r:
In my opinion he is a real great artist, wonderful works, so full of emotion and passion.
I would even go as far to say, from his style and expressions, he would be one of the best artists you find in the community on here (yes, I know, actually this kinda topic can´t be compared in a sort of competition of "who´s the best")
But nethertheless, his works are simply impressive and full of detail.
Aaaaand, to come to the hot stuff, he is currently offering commissions, so he can buy himself a new Grafic Tablet.
His old one is really just messing all up, it takes him quite a long time to finish his works (because he tends to be a biiiiit perfectionist)
So, if you, like I do, like his works and want to see him draw even more, then help him get a new GT <3
I will follow with some good samples so you can see how he draws and how detailed his works may be :)
If you are interessted, simply write him a note, here, or on Furaffinity…

so,... here it comes:)


digital line…

full coloured…

!!! details :3!!!…
(you should REALLY check out "download" for this one and see it in the original size :3 check out the scales especially around the nostrils)…
(For this one, the detail on the character itself is just wonderful, just look at the fins, or how the water and moss runs down on her body <3)

And if all of this was not reason enough already to go, check him out and give him some appreciation and feedback, then here you have another one: It´s past midnight so it is the 7th of April in germany and that means, it is his birthday :) make sure you send him your wishes.

now comes the uninteresting part which most of you will most likely skip anyway but I still care to tell

If any of you wonder what I were doing the last days and why I didn´t speak much because I was always sorta absent, (or for everyone not on my IM list)
This is what happend last week and made me just uber happy and full of joy^^
I was actually planning to see :iconamarayutsu: on her hatchday but the money always gets in the way,... so I had to skip on that, so I at least wanted to search for something special, something that would make her smile :)
And the resolution was: A new collar^^
But honestly, does anyone of you know how hard it is to find a white leather collar, without any glimmering or glittering accesoire on it? XD it took me two weeks to find one that I thought would be just fine^^"
So I wanted to present her this one but before I instantly bought it, :iconch3ck0r: offered me to take care of the delivering of Amara´s present. He made me believe his uncle woul just take it with him because he would delievr packages around her place anyway^^" so I thought,... "if that´s the case, I will buy it later, so I have even more time to maybe find an even better one"
Well, that certain day, Drake came to my place, pretened to take the package with him,... but ended up with rather giving me one^^.
His little plan just worked out all fine because I had no idea^^ he didn´t intent to take the package,... he brought Amara to our place so I could se her and give it to her myself <3 and of course he told none of us^^"
I believe this is the best surprise I had been made so far in my life^^"
That was really well played, Drake^^, really well played, and still I don´t know how I can thank you enough for this^^"
I am really glad he did this, since apperently, it was a surprise for Amara as well, and she was really happy <3


All the friends I added to my deviantWATCH

I divided them more so you have a better view^^
alphabetical order

Friends from Real Life

IM friends

My dA Friends only

People who I simply watch ( I gave up commenting ´cause they wouldnt comment back anyway...)

Clubs I watch/visit/am in:…

I hope I didnt forget anyone ;P if so please let me know so I can fix xD
and if I made a mistake and put u in the wrong group lemme know, too ^,=,^

Mighty_Rathalos was, and will always be a Monster Hunter!

Avatar is made by :iconelen89:
She usually accepts avatar request but not atm, maybe you check out her profile from time to time to see when she does again^^

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